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Get involved in our Mayflower 400 Culture & Arts programme


Challenge 1

Mayflower 400 Four Nations Ceremony (11 July 2021)

The Four Nations Ceremony is the UK’s flagship Mayflower 400 event, marking the closure of the international Mayflower 400 commemorations. This impressive theatrical production with live music, song, drama and film will tell the Mayflower story from

Challenge 2

The Hatchling

This spectacular live performance in Plymouth will bring a universal myth to life.  A giant puppet in the form of a dragon will hatch and roam through the city, before taking flight from the coast in a unique feat of artistry and engineering.  The

Challenge 3

Great Torrington Cavaliers - Bonfire 2021 – Mayflower 400

Our big bonfire events are truly spectacular and world renown. The construction of the themed centre piece takes in excess of 2 years to build and the attention to detail is amazing, but we would say that!